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March 25, 2017
Meet Oyster Bay’s new supervisor, Joseph Saladino
By Laura Lane

Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Joseph Saladino is up before the sun rises and on the phone by 6:30 a.m. with his deputy supervisor, Gregory W. Carman, Jr. And Saladino can often be found still working at his desk at 8 p.m. He has never married and does not have children, which, he reasons, gives him more time to work on what he says residents will soon see come to fruition — “a new day in Oyster Bay.”

Saladino, 55, a lifelong resident of Massapequa, served as a state assemblyman for 13 years. A Republican, he resigned from the Assembly as he was starting his 14th year to take on the position of supervisor.

But Saladino, who is amiable and quick to smile, doesn’t want people to think of him as a former assemblyman, and definitely not as someone who is unapproachable. He plays drums and percussion in a band, is a blues enthusiast and loves to fish and hike. He’s a regular guy, he says.

He is eager to receive input from residents, recognizing that he is there for their benefit. “I’m very hands-on,” he said, sitting behind a desk on which sits a bust of Oyster Bay’s pride and joy, President Theodore Roosevelt.

And the new supervisor believes he has a firm understanding of what it takes to be an effective leader, which he plans to be.

“A good leader is someone who will do anything that they ask others to do and puts others first,” Saladino said. “One needs to use their experience to guide those that they lead wisely, listen to others and never put himself before the public.”

Saladino’s father, Joseph J. Saladino, a Korean War veteran, served as an Oyster Bay town councilman and was a State Supreme Court justice. He died in 2000.

“One of my earliest memories was attending town functions with my father,” said the younger Saladino. “Being the supervisor of Oyster Bay has been a dream my entire life. For me this is coming home to do a job where my experience is needed the most.”

Saladino has more than 30 years of governmental experience, having served as an executive assistant in the Town of Hempstead and, before becoming an assemblyman, as the director of operations for the Town of Oyster Bay.

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